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Safeguard Dental

Safeguard Dental was founded in 1974 as one of the first providers of managed care dental products, and does business mainly in California, Florida, Nevada, and Texas. The company’s dental savings plans are designed to provide quality dental care at a discounted price to their customers. To this end, Safeguard offers a wide variety of group and individual dental plans so families can choose the best coverage for basic and preventive dental care, and can reduce costs for major dental work. Good dental care reduces overall health care costs and absenteeism.


Plan Savings

The Safeguard dental savings plan can be custom tailored to a business and its employees, in order to best meet the needs of families. Safeguard focuses on flexible plans and preventive care – important for families with young children. Most services, including those performed by specialists, are discounted in order to limit out-of-pocket expenses for preventive care, emergency care, filings, and crowns.  

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Discount Dental Plan Details

Safeguard Dental Plan Features

  • Dental plans are available for both individuals and families, and coverage starts almost immediately, with no enrollment fee or calendar year maximums.
  • You may choose any of the 9,150 dentists within the plan, with no waiting period.
  • Savings range from 10 to 35 percent below prevailing charges in each community.
  • Basic services available to members of the plan include free exams, bitewing X-rays, and panoramic film with yearly cleanings. Other basic services include sealants, and fillings. These basic services are all vital for preventive dental care for those on limited incomes or those with children.
  • Specialist services include gum disease treatments, root canals, crowns, dentures, orthodontia options, and bridges.
  • This supplemental coverage is available for spouses and children—no age limits.
  • All family members must go to the same dentist. 
  • There are no claim forms or deductibles for the savings plans.
  • There are no annual or lifetime maximums for treatment, and no lengthy waiting periods before treatment can begin.
  • There are no pre-existing condition exclusions.
  • There are no referrals necessary to see a specialist.
  • Lab fees may be charged for crowns and bridges.

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